Best Stain Removal Techniques That Save Money And Time

By Brent M. Enriquez | Stain Removal

Feb 24
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Being a proud homeowner doesn’t only mean that you should take care of the exterior of your realty, but the interior and everything that you possess as well. Carpets have a big role in presenting your home, and the least that you can do is to keep them clean and stainless. There nothing more shameful than inviting guests to your home knowing you have to hide those stains on your favorite carpet. But you don’t have to rearrange your furniture so that it covers those stubborn stains. Every stain can be removed if you act quickly. Here are some of the best tactics to minimize the damage of those stains on the carpet.

Oil Stains

StainsRemoving oil stains from your carpet can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The key is to act quickly. Use bicarbonate of soda to cover the stain and give it some time to do its magic. Once it is dry remove the excess by vacuuming. Repeat the process a couple of time, and you should have a clean and stainless carpet.


Use shaving cream, yes you read it right. After you’ve applied it generously, use a clean sponge to rub it out. Be persistent, and you’ll have a clean carpet in no time.

Red Vine

Wine-StainsHere is another notorious stain that every homeowner is afraid of. Isolate the stain with a cloth, then apply sea salt and cold water. Wait for it to absorb the water and the wine with it and scoop the remaining salt before applying another layer. Depending on the quality of the vine you should have the stain removed after a couple of tries.


Cut yourself making a salad? Blood stains can be extremely hard to remove, but it is nothing that a bit of bicarbonate of soda and cold water can’t resolve. Apply generously and wait for it to dry off, scrub with a towel until it’s completely dry.

Tomato or Curry Sauce

For this one, you need to get the proportions right. Add one tablespoon of washing liquid with white vinegar to 4 dl of cold water. Mix until everything blends. Apply the mixture on the stain and scrub with a hard brush as you add more. Once you’ve used all of the mixture you should have a clean and sparkling carpet once again.

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